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STeam Trading

Steam is the team that wouldn’t let you down
To satisfy you with a premium product and service

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Sunshade Solutions



Motorized vertical sliding

Motorized vertical sliding window system

System allows you to create open or closed spaces without occupying extra space and allows effective ventilation without a security risk

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sliding partition



Foldable glass partition

Tinting window film

Reduce Fading of Your Merchandise and Furnishings, Reduce Glare. , The True Effects of Visible Light.

Smart Glass

Smart Glass

A smart glass or switchable glass is a glass or glazing whose light transmission and glass will changes from transparent to translucent ..

Fog effect system

Fog Effect System

These systems do save energy over other humidification systems. Improve the environment in a short period of time & provides the

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Offices Solution.

STeam solutions services

Interior design services

Our passion for design fuels our  ..

Air cooling consultancy

Since we believe on solutions, we  ..

Acoustical consultation

As an acoustic consultant, We’ll ..

Smart Controlling System

Your smart control system will need  ..

STeam Trading

who are we? who are we?

We are specialist team who deliver experiences not only products.

– We believe that our experience came from working through different sectors, not limited to contracting, hospitality and real estate.

– Our Solution team has a full understanding for our customer’s requirements and expectations, based on that STeam will provide the you the ideal solution which will match much more than your expectations & requirements.

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We don’t want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they wan

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